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A brief history and buying guide for Lucite purses - what to look for in a quality bag.

Lucite purses got their start in the early 1950's, when post war technology came up with the idea for a higher class of plastic called lucite. This material was ideal for use in boxy style handbags and could be manufactured in opaque or translucent color. Decorations were easy to add and included confetti, shells, flowers, or just about anything else you could stick on a purse!

These purses became all the rage of bigger cities such as Miami and New York City and the handbag companies loved these bags because they could be made into unusual shapes easily. The most expensive lucite purses were made by Wilardy of New York and were showcased in major department stores throughout the country. Of course with popularity came replication and many cheaper versions were made.

Do you think you have found a genuine high quality lucite purse? The best of the designers were Rialto, Llewllyn, Gilli Originals, Patricia of Miami, Evans, and Myles and Maxim. These companies marked their handbags on the inside with a stamp on the metal frames or a clear label. These bags are now collectors items that sell for large sums but, unfortunately, some of the clear labels have fallen off with age making absolute identification difficult.

Check the lucite purse over carefully and realize that, if you are buying for an investment, authentication is very important and if it cannot be proved as genuine, your investment is worthless. If you are buying a purse because you like it, then a problem does not exit because there is no such thing as having too many handbags!

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