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Coach Handbag History

- Coach Handbag History

The founders of Coach Handbags noticed the distinctive leather used in baseball gloves, and how well it lasted in spite of rough handling - and thus began Coach Handbags in 1941 with their first refined leather bags, built to stand the test of time.

Six artists began Coach in a loft in Manhattan, New York and the company has since stayed in New York in a larger location to allow for it's expansion. Only the top 10% of quality leather is chosen to become a Coach handbag and the leather is slow cured in large drums with rotation for several days. The leather is then enriched with natural treatments which produces a softening effect to bring out the individual grain of each piece of leather.

Sales declined for the company in 1998 with the changing of high-end handbags to a more eclectic blend of materials such as fabric and mixed materials. The conception among consumers saw Coach handbags as rather conservative and traditional.

Coach Handbag in 'scribble' pattern
Coach recognized the need for change and responded dramatically with it's introduction of the first signature line of bags with the letter "C" print and a mixture of fabric and leather. This style was an immediate hit and Coach knew a winner when it saw one!

Strong revenue growth began with Coach's sales growing from 12% in 2001 to 20% in 2002. Coach will continue to grown in sales with it's introduction of the new "Scribble" pattern, the "Scarf" pattern, and my personal favorite, the "Ladybug Applique" pattern. If you are looking for a timeless classic handbag or something new, just check out Coach handbags for the best of both worlds.

Website: Coach.com

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