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African Bags in Myth and Legend

- African Bags in Myth and Legend

There is a rich history of bags in Africa, including tales of heroes who used bags to complete tasks according to legends, and from proverbs ("What is left in the bag is superior to what has been taken away" - Mossi proverb) to stories of heroism and triumph over adversity.

Cunning heros have used bags, hidden in their clothing, to complete impossible tasks given them to win their ladies heart! One of my favorites is a Bobo tale of a young man in love with the king's daughter. He is told that he may have this lovely woman as his wife, but only if he can drown the village rock with his sweat. He hides bags full of water under his clothing and is able to complete his task (and of course lives happily ever after).

Other tales involve our hero being placed inside a bag, especially stories from sub-Saharan Africa. Fortunately for all concerned, our young man is very clever and, being placed in a bag, he still can be heard and talk his way out of a situation.

Bags have played an important role in man's history and will continue to be an integral part of both myth and our everyday lives, both in this country and all over the world.

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